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Question of the day 13/07/2024

Ques. :1 Which one of the following is correct?
The sum of two irrational numbers
A). is always a natural or irrational B). may be rational or irrational
C). is always a rational number D). is always an irrational number
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Ques. :2 If the numbers q, q+2 and q+6 are all prime, then what can be the value of 3q + 9?
A). Only 18 B). Only 42
C). Only 60 D). Both (b) and (c)
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Ques. :3 Assertion (A) : Zero is a whole number. Reason (R) : Every integer is a whole number.
A). A and R are correct but R is correct explanation of A B). A and R are correct but R is not correct explanation of A
C). A is correct but R is wrong D). A is wrong but R is correct
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Ques. :4 Which one of the following statement is always correct?
A). The square of a primes number is prime B). The sum of two square number is a square number
C). The number of digits in a square number is even D). The product of two square numbers is square number
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